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Default dual-dual potentiometer failure?

On 03/14/2019 08:26 AM, wrote:

Behringer is known as the "Pep Boys"of studio equipment.

I would be more inclined to use "Harbor Freight" for comparison. Pep Boys does stock a great deal of OEM equipment, as well as the cheap stuff. Harbor Freight does not.

Peter Wieck
Melrose Park, PA

Eh, I think they get ragged on unfairly sometimes. It's not an otherwise
cheaply made box, the enclosure is solid heavy steel enclosure, massive
toroidal power transformer, linear power supply with
conservatively-rated parts, the pots are Alps, the soldering-work looks
great (compared to some truly awful crap I've seen from China.) It's
essentially a solid-state EQ with a over-drivable tube exciter stage
prior to it going into the four parametric bands I think it sounds quite
nice strapped across the output of a mixer with some bass and treble
boost and the "honky" mid-range cut a bit before going into a PC's ADC
for recording lil jam sessions.

They're all pushing 20 years old tho stuff just breaks sometimes.

The most reliable piece of studio gear I have probably is my Behringer
MX602 line mixer, running most every day for 19 years and all it's
needed so far is a replacement headphone volume pot