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Default Brother maintenance apps?

On Mon, 4 Mar 2019 21:50:14 +1100, Clifford Heath

Personally, I wouldn't keep a Brother. HP all the way.

I fix both Brother and HP laser printers. (The ink jets go to someone
else or to the recycler). HP printer quality, serviceability, and
parts availability vary depending on printer line and model. I've
seen some that still function normally after 250,000 pages. However,
on the latest models, I've seen them survive only 10,000 pages or
less. Brother printers won't last as long but can be convinced to go
100,000 page with regular cleaning and maintenance. HP has better
print quality. However, I can usually deliver 2-3 Brother printers
for the price of one equivalent HP printer. Most (not all) Brother
printers do NOT contain a refill prevention chip on the toner
cartridge and can be found for about $15 on eBay. HP is somewhat more
expensive, mostly because of the carts require a refill prevention
chip. HP repair parts can easily be found online. Brother parts are
more difficult to obtain.

I would give it an "HP most of the way" instead of "all the way". If
you have a limited budget and you don't mind replacing the printer
when it craps out, Brother is a good option. If you want it to last,
HP is better. I have a small collection of cost of ownership
spreadsheets for various models (that is in need of updating). For
less than 5-10 years, Brother costs less to own. Beyond that, HP is
cheaper. Between 5-10 years, they're about equal (if I buy eBay toner

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