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Default Question about sub-main sizing

On 12/02/2019 02:15, John Rumm wrote:
On 11/02/2019 11:15, wrote:

As you spotted, there was a third boob in your calcs ... brings back
memories of a character from HHG2TTG ;-)

Prompting recollection of the tale...

So God said unto Eve, "So what do you think of my garden then?"
"Oh, its lovely" says Eve, "So pretty, and some many interesting creatures"

"And how is the body working out for you, I was quite pleased with that"

"Oh I think its rather good... although I am not sure about the third boob"

"What do you mean?"

"Well the left and the right are ok, they look good and balance nicely,
but the middle one just seems to push the others outward, and then they
bump into my arms when I swing them as I walk"

"Hmmmm, I see what you mean. Here try this"

With that a heavenly hand reaches down, grabs the middle boob, and
plucks it off with a small squelch, before punting it off into the long

A week passes

"So Eve, is the new boobie, layout any better"

"Oh yes much better!"

"So you are happy then?"


"Go on then spit it out"

"I am a bit lonely... I see many of the other animals seem to have mates
to play with and for company, but I don't have anyone"

"Ah", says God,

"I have been working on an idea"

"I call it Man. He will be like you only a bit bigger and stronger. He
will be able to hunt for you, care for you, defend you, love and cherish
you, and be your life long faithful companion, not to mention a few
other party tricks I have got in mind. What do you think of that then?"

"Oh, God I want one!"

"Well there will be a price to pay.... I will need to take a part form
your body to start building him"

"What do you need, a rib or something?"

"Oh no, no need to be so drastic... now let me think"

"Where did we put that useless tit?"