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Default Engine run time to keep battery charged

On Mon, 4 Feb 2019 20:59:38 -0600, Fox's Mercantile wrote:

Quack quack quack, ding, reverse direction.

Two points which _adults_ will comprehend.

1. Snit here acts like a child _all_ the time, and,
2. Snit here didn't even _attempt_ to answer the OP's question.

We really shouldn't fault him as his brain _is_ that of a child.
o He proves that fact in _every_ post - as he did here.

Meanwhile, I at least attempted to faithfully answer the guy's question.
o And, yet, Snit (aka Fox's Mercantile), calls everyone but himself, a troll.

I don't even have to prove these two statements since he proves it himself.
o What Snit (aka Fox's Mercantile) wries, proves these two facts.

1. Snit (aka Fox's Mercantile) is _never_ purposefully helpful, and,
2. Snit (aka Fox's Mercantile) _always_ proves to own the brain of a child.

The funny thing is that it's not even an ad hominem attack!
o It's simply pointing out what Fox's Mercantile proves himself to be a fact.