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Default Engine run time to keep battery charged

On Mon, 4 Feb 2019 17:05:13 -0800 (PST), John-Del wrote:

OTH, Harbor Freight has cheap little float chargers but 120v power
will be needed. A friend uses one of these when out of the country:

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Don't suggest a solution (even a cheap one)
that comes from a credit card lest Arlen Holder or one of his socks
pitches a fit!!!

First off, neither of you appeared to have _comprehended_ the question,
which was how much time does it take to recharge the battery to compensate
for the charge lost in starting, which I roughly calculated at about 72
seconds, meaning, a couple of minutes "should" recharge the battery if the
assumptions I made were reasonable.

Even if you did _comprehend_ the question, you made no attempt to _answer_
the OP's question, which, is par for the course since all you _can_ do is
off-topic chit-chat drivel.

NOTE: I don't need to prove that statement since you prove it for me.

Moving on though, assuming the OP is satisfied with the 72 second
assumption, there _is_ a question of how often he _needs_ to charge the

I wonder if you, John-Del, have the brains to answer _that_ question?
(HINT: I don't think you do ... but maybe you'll prove me wrong.)

HINT: I already calculated it in the same minute (or so) that I calculated
the answer I provided - but I didn't post it because, unlike you, I
actually _comprehended_ the question that the OP had asked.

HINT: If you can't take a hint - you always prove to be _stupid_, John-Doe.
DOUBLEHINT: The proof will be in exactly what you write in response.