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Default Need Homemade Anti Foaming Agent for Rug Doctor

On Friday, September 21, 2007 at 7:05:33 PM UTC-7, Smitty Two wrote:
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DerbyDad03 wrote:

So the real question is: Was my carpet so dirty that even a
professional machine would have taken 2 -3 passes, or are these
machines just not powerful enough to get all the dirt out in one pass?

The major advantage to a professional machine is the massive suction
power. Any old beast will loosen the dirt. But no rental from the
supermarket is going to have any where near the suction of a
truck-mounted machine. No matter how much dirt you suck out, or how many
passes you make, there's still going to be a lot of it that sinks down
into the backing, and the pad, that will not come out. I think that's
what makes carpets so dirty so quickly after they've been cleaned

But keep us posted as you go along, and a few months down the road.

When it gets dirty fast after that is because soap is left behind. I wet carpet with the soap as directed. Then use clean water to rinse and suck the carpet. I do this twice. it gets all soap out. The published directions are to make it easier to do not what is best.