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David McCulloch
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Default 1957 Crane Sink

I would love to be able to put in a regular sink, but to do that, I would
have to:

1. Replace the vanity top.
2. Fix or replace the vanity that was cut on the front to hold the extended
Crane sink.
3. Worry about the custom sized vanity (it's a relatively small space that
extends out and beyond the corner).
4. Worry about removing the vanity without breaking the tile wall.
5. Worry if the mirror will fall down (some of its weight appears to be
resting on the vanity).

That's why the plumber would want to charge $1,100 if nothing else went

Take another look at the photo and you'll see what I mean.

FYI, I was having this work done to delay a $16,000 bathroom remodeling job
by a year or two.


"RJ" wrote in message

Go down to LOWES, pick out a new sink,
have it installed, and start washing again.

In your old age, you can tell your grandchildren
about "the fa-bu-lus Crane sink"......


On Sat, 24 Jan 2004 12:33:47 -0600, "David McCulloch" |@|.| wrote:

Where do I find a replacement for a (rare?) 1957 Crane sink?

Here's a picture of it that I took a few minutes ago:

Eleven days ago, a plumber broke the porcelain drain component of my only
bathroom's Crane sink (yes, we've been without a sink for that long and

probably be without one for several more weeks!).

It and the vanity are somewhat custom configured (for example, the sink
overhangs -- and is somewhat cut into -- the front of the vanity), so the
plumber wanted to charge my wife $1,100 to fix the problem. After I

him, he was willing to use his insurance, but both of us would like to

a win-win scenario if possible. To avoid expensive (and less attractive)
vanity work, we would like to locate a replacement sink. How could we do

Markings are as follows:

July 19, 1957

PACIE/C (the "IE" is a bit difficult to read)
All China

77 (this is stamped all by itself)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

e - m a i l a d d r e s s
i s d b m at e x e c p c . c o m