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Default Can I remove the choke?

On 04/10/18 17:48, wrote:
I have an older laptop PC. It has a inline transformer. In other words,
the transformer is between the wall plug and the PC. The little plug
came off where it plugs into the PC. I have some of those plugs, but
there is not enough wire between a cord choke, that is right at the end
of the cord by the PC. It's molded on the wire so I cant move it.

What would happen if I just remove it and put my plug on without that
choke? What are those chokes for anyhow? I can understand them on video
cords and so on, but why are they needed on a power cord?

If I can install my plug without the choke, I will, and that will only
be for a short time. I bought a new cord on ebay, but I use that
computer all the time and dont want to wait till I get the ebay one.
After that, the repaired one will only be a backup cord.

The choke tries to kill EMI coming out of the computer.
Cut it off, and buy a snap-on one to go over the finished cable.

Clifford Heath.