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Default Bloody domestic customers

On Thu, 23 Aug 2018 09:18:27 +0100 (BST), "Dave Liquorice"

On Wed, 22 Aug 2018 19:16:04 +0100, ARW wrote:

Well the customers fanny licker of a dog (it had been running around
uncontrolled and yapping for about 10 minutes) decided to bite me so I
said a very loud "OUCH". Customer makes no comment or ignores me and the
fanny licker runs around for a few more minutes before biting me again.

I'd have got the owner to remove the dog from the working area in the
first place,

Agreed, even if the dog was highly unlikely to have bitten anyone
(none of ours ever would) you don't know if the person themselves
likes dogs, wants the dog under their feet or it may be dangerous for
the dog (bare wires, blowlamps, sharps saws etc).

not safe for many reasons being bitten is just one of


With no response from the owner after the first bite I'd have simply,
packed up, sat in the van, photographed the bite and called the boss.

I guess that depends if it was 'a bite' (as in an attack) or 'a nip'
as in 'I'm not sure if you are a friend in my house'? I know it
wouldn't make much difference legally but might to most people.

As an aside, daughter is a part time animal warden and is often
collecting all sorts of animals (dead, alive and injured) and the
other day collected a dog that was fundamentally 'gentle' but because
it was both injured (only internal bruising as it turns out) and
frightened, softly bit her on her hand as she was getting the dog in
the van a warning that is was in pain.

Reporting to the Police may mean curtains for the dog, which is a bit

Potentially unfair on the dog.

Nearly always badly behaved dogs are only badly behaved
because the owners don't take and hold the position of "pack leader"
from the point of view of the dog.


For all our dogs, if someone came to the door, simple instructions
like 'stay' or 'in your bed' was all it took to remind them I was
there, I was aware someone was at the door and that it was ok.

If we knew the people and that they liked dogs, I knew the dogs knew
them and it was appropriate, I would let the dogs greet them. If it
wasn't I would remind the dogs to stay where they were (like if the
visitors had brought in food etc).

Cheers, T i m