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Default Bloody domestic customers

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On Wednesday, 22 August 2018 23:53:41 UTC+1, wrote:
On Wednesday, 22 August 2018 21:33:08 UTC+1, Robin wrote:

Assuming you witnessed the dog bite the MD then a complaint to the
police seems a good idea. There are still too any people ignorant of
the fact the Dangerous Dogs law was extended to dogs on private
property. With a bit of luck the customer will get a visit from the
constabulary. And may even be inclined to offer suitable compensation
without the need for a letter before action.

Going that route is likely to result in the dog's death, which seems
harsh. The problem is nearly always the owner, not the dog.

However, beyond a certain point, the dog becomes essentially
irredeemable as you pretty much can't teach old dogs new tricks,
and in particular you can't unteach them their current ones.

But it isnt hard to shut it up in a room when someone like Adam shows up.

If it will attack an adult human, it's quite likely to do a lot worse to a

But if kids dont visit, unlikely to be a problem.

- we've seem a fair number of cases over recent years.

Yep, and some dead kids too. But that unlikely if its
a small dog that can be kicked across the room, twice.

The world isn't short of dogs, so (while I'm actually something of a
I'm not particularly worried about having some of the excess removed.

The owner might well be tho.