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Default update, was: any window air conditioners with "sleeves" still made?

In article , says...

Yeah, air conditioner prices, at least for the mass market
commodity ones, are dramatically lower today than a couple
of decades ago.

I paid $350 for a 10,000 BTU unit back in 1975... Today I can
buy one for $200. That's in "current" dollars both then and
now. Adjusted for inflation, well...

Seems that many things around the house cost about the same as they did
50 years ago. So when converted to todays dollars we have many more
items such as a washer , dryer, TV set in several rooms.

The price of the cars seems to be making up for the difference. They
were financed for 3 or maybe 4 years then, now 5 to 7 years seem to be
the norm. I bought a new car a few months back. I could have paid cash
for it by taking it out of my IRA. However as they had 0 % interist for
7 years, I decided to make the monthly payments for it. That will
probabaly save me over $ 5000 or more over that period of time.