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Default update, was: any window air conditioners with "sleeves" still made?

In Ed Pawlowski writes:

Annoyingly it's in the $450 range, which is about 50 pct more than
a commodity unit would cost. But If I was buying a window
unit now, it's the one I'd get.

That is actually cheap in the scheme of things. Back in 1968 i bought a
16,000 Btu AC in a sleeve. I paid $205 back then, but with inflation,
today that would be $1500. That was more than I was making a week.

That price sticks with me for some reason A 6000 BTU room AC was in the
$150 range then. As was a 19" B & W portable TV.

Yeah, air conditioner prices, at least for the mass market
commodity ones, are dramatically lower today than a couple
of decades ago.

I paid $350 for a 10,000 BTU unit back in 1975... Today I can
buy one for $200. That's in "current" dollars both then and
now. Adjusted for inflation, well...

(reasons for the lowerprices left as an exercise to the student)

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