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Default Need Hot Swap adapter for 2.5 inch ssd

On 06/12/2018 04:17 PM, Jeff Liebermann wrote:
On Mon, 11 Jun 2018 22:42:37 -0700, The Real Bev

Anybody remember DAC?

Yep. It was DAK Industries Incorporated.

Thanks. I knew it was Drew A. Kaplan, but thought it was spelled with a
C but nobody spells it that way so I must be wrong :-(

Mail order place. Wonderful catalogs. They sold
slick inexpensive electronics/appliances. Their breadmakers were really
neat, and may have been the first 'affordable' ones. The bad thing was
DAC's liberal return policy, which resulted in everybody returning their
breadmakers after the thrill wore off maybe 1 or 2 months later. They
had a local store with an open-box section -- full of breadmakers. They
eventually went belly-up, which was sad. The guy tried to start back up
a few years later, but it didn't work out.

I worked for a marine radio company that offered free warranty repair
for life for the original owner. I watched 10 year old radios, that
looked like they had been raised from the bottom of the Great Dismal
Swamp being repaired. Others looked like they had 1/2 inch thick
growth of fungus and mold on everything. One had obviously been
installed in the path of a diesel generator exhaust. Fortunately, we
didn't get too many of such radios back under warranty, so it was
somewhat tolerable (except for the tech doing the repair). I asked
the company president why he offered such a liberal warranty policy.
He answered that he had no choice. It was the only selling point that
the company could offer that the big guys in the business (Motorola)
could not.

I worked in QA for a company which shall remain nameless. I discovered
that certain components on their wave-soldered boards failed regularly.
The solution was a liberal return policy -- if somebody returned it
overnight, it was fixed and shipped out overnight the same day, but it
was ALWAYS fixed and returned the same day. It was also given fresh
batteries, which provided an endless supply of lightly-used AAs for the
employees that knew about it.

Amazon Prime also offers free returns, but limits the returns to those
items fulfilled by Amazon:

Somewhere I read you can return Amazon stuff at Whole Foods stores,
which might or might not be more convenient than shipping it back.

Free delivery for Prime users from Whole Foods. They should damn well
send it by limo and include a massage for the prices they charge!

I don't know and am too lazy to Google for the info.

If Amazon can deliver product via a drone, they should be willing to
accept returns shipped in the same manner. I don't know if it will
work, but it certainly would be interesting to try.

Possibly :-)

Cheers, Bev
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