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Default Ethernet LAN Detection

"To answer all your questions. If Google can't find it, it doesn't
exist. "

Have you heard of Shodan ? If so, what do you think of it ? I know very little because my IT knowledge is limited, but I tries it and actually found something. Didn't know what to do with it but found it. But they say it is dangerous so it is right up my alley. Just like this cupasoup I found that is hot and spicy. So much so that if you eat it fast your windpipe starts closing up. It has become one of my favorite smacks with one package, I will be buying a bunch of it in the future. My power saws have no guards on them either. No safety on my pistol either, I had to disable it because of a design flaw...

And there's another thing about this which may or may not apply. My laptop has a switch on the front to turn the wifi on and off. Even if there is no physical switch, shouldn't there be an easy way to disable it like in Control Panel or its own software ?

Or did the last "upgrade" remove that ?