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Default Ethernet LAN Detection

"Far too complexicated. It's much easier to just place the router
inside a metal trash can for the duration of the test. "

Now why didn't I think of that ? But really, a large coffee can would do for most. Plus it is hard to find metal trash cans these days. We got a couple gut lack lids. Lids and grates from an old refrigerator make a grill. Or :

"If ancient Windoze 98SE was that good, Windoze 3.1 must have been even better. "

Now that you mention it... lol.

"Designing a product that works the way everyone expects, does

everything for everyone, and can be configured for everyone's personal idiosyncrasies, is unsurprisingly difficult. "

Yes but making it customizable goes a long way to that end. That is what seems to be disappearing. Typical cookie cutter - one size fits all mentality..

And I like a four on the floor, even more, five or six gears. In my family we learn(ed) to drive on a stickshift, it was kind of an unwritten rule. Remember the movie The Philadelphia Experiment ? The guy from the past gets into a car and says "Where's the cluthch ?". That's bull****, automatic transmissions have been around for a very long time, in fact so were CVTs. The problem is they weren't all that good. The epitome of automatic transmissions was the THM 400. The thing had an actual analog hydraulic computer (ah) in the valve body. Unfortunately newer cars don't have room for the huge planetary set and torque convertor, and one way clutches for first and second gears. So they went downhill by necessity. The old THM 400 went fairly smoothly for a 5:1 ratio down to nearly 1:1. My Mother used to bitch about the newer cars insisting there was something wrong with the transmission, until she got used to it.

Not everything went downhill though, I admit. My first LASER printer was bigger than many newer car engines. Two guys to carry it and I used to carry stoves myself, no dolly or anything. Of course before me guys used to strap a 400 lb. fridge on their back and deliver it up to the fifth floor on stairs. I could never do that so I guess I am also somewhat "new and improved"..

"Mine is better.

I fail to see why but you know better than I. (I can rhyme on a dime)

"Other than that I know nothing. (Sgt. Schultz voice)

That's a tolerable substitute for "Everything you know is wrong". "

Is that insinuation, snark or just a general comment ?

I have to admit the more I l;earn the more I find out how much I don't know.. Also that I was wrong on some things. But then that is why I am on forums (fora ?) with intelligent comment rather than facebook n ****. I don't care what he said or she said or who's ****ing whom or the liberal **** half these doofuses pander, while stifling true conservatism. I don't mean politicians considered cons, they are cons alright, con artists. I mean true conservatives who don't want to throw away everything we've built and turn this into a converted third world ******** like Zimbabwe.

So I guess y'all are stuck with me.