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Default Electrical Outlets Upside Down? Code?

posted for all of us...

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In a textbook, Electric Wiring Residential 15th edition based on 2005 National
Electrical Code by Ray C Mullen. ISBN1-4018-5019-. Mr. Mullen addresses the
subject. Mr. Mullen' advocates, that while not a code requirement that the
ground ( U blade) should be up for the reason that conductive items falling
would encounter the ground first, or at least fall across either one of the
conductors and the U blade if the conductor was positive then a shunt trip
would occur. Note; this is not an exact quote.

The only "book" that counts is the National Electrical Code and it is
silent on the issue.
If you look long enough you will find people arguing the opposite
case. When a plug loosens and starts falling out, ground down assures
the ground connection is the last to break.
Neither are a significant enough reason to drive a code change.

This has been an item of discussion and dissagreement for several
years. Traditionally american style 2 terminal (grounded) outlets have
been installed ground down.
There is also something of a tradition of "switched" outlets being
installed ground side up.

The ground down tradition has pretty well mandated that right angle
plugs have the terminals oriented so that the cable, when plugged into
the oputlet, runs DOWN the wall so gravity aids inkeeping the plug
installed rather than trying to pull it out, as it cones off the top
of the plug..

Non grounded polarized plugs are also trtaditionally installed with
the large (neutral) blade on the left.

Just install one of these and be done with it.$mdmain$

Yeah, that's the ticket. Use this as your universal response for this never
ending question.