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Default Sherwood RX-5502 Receiver Protection Shutdown, Repair, thoughts wanted...

In article ,

Even today I will tackle a job that I know is a loss going in, but with a reason. When I see a circuit board for a problem more than once, I know it's a pattern. Running down a problem on a board with no service data is a nightmare, but once that problem is identified, the next one takes 15 minutes. Much better than paying for

a replacement board. The more I see after that the bigger the payoff.

Someties it works that way. In the 70's I repaired some CB radios for
the locals. Did not charge much as I was partly doing it as a hobby and
building my skills as I had a regular job. I remember one that a dealer
brought to me that I had not worked on before. Took several hours to
repair the problem There was a verticl circuit board that was hard to
run checks on. I finally saw where one of the leads was not soldered.
The dealer brought me 5 or 6 more later, and it only took a short time
to find some leads within an inch of the same place that was not

Many items will have one or two problems that if you check those first
it will repair 99% of the problems.