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Default Screwdriver bits

In article , says...
Maybe, but I suspect there's a lot more money selling millions of crappy
tools than hundreds of really nice ones. Harbor Freight is making money
hand over fist, and so are their suppliers. There's not a lot of money
in selling $100 Swiss pattern files, because there are only a limited number
of people who are going to buy them. Vaillorbe makes great tools, and they
might have high margins too, but they aren't making huge profits.

Like a man that started a food chain of stores in the town I live in.
He sold brand name food, same as any other store. Then one day we
marked everythign down. I was a stock boy then around 17 years old. His
idea was to make 10 fast pennies instead of one slow dime. He would by
a boxcar load of an item and put it in his warehouse.
A number of years later the three big names like A&P, Kroger and Winn
Dixie closed and moved out of town. Now there are several of his stores
around in the near by are, and the only other food places are one of
each, Walmart, Audies, and one other store.

Many of the Harbor Freight tools are good enough for a one or two time
use. I have some, but would not buy them if I was using them to make a
living.Most of my better tools are the Craftsman tools from years ago.
The latter ones have not been as good of quality.