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Default Ipod - working, but locked.

Ian Field wrote:
Please can anyone help with a link for ipod SW?

Rescued a couple of different models from the flats bin room, but they seem
to be locked.

Depends on what you mean by "locked".

If it says something along the lines of iCloud Activation Lock and it wants
a password for an email account, you might as well put them back in the bin
room. You can't get around that without the password and or a receipt for
the purchase and take it an Apple store. It's an anti-theft measure.

If it's just some 4 or 6 digit number lock, or a message saying the device
is locked and the max number of attempts has been reached, I beleive all you
need is a computer with iTunes running on it, put the device into the DFU
mode (google it) and restore as a new device.

That'll erase everything on it but it'll still be useable as a new device.