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Default How to unsolder silver solder from a component legs?

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M Philbrook wrote:

Anyone got ideas in removing this rectifier moduale ?

I did think about cutting the the leads to the surface and drilling
them out but I think make cause a via issue because some of the legs do
have voids in them from where I was successful in removing some of the

Try heating it up and applying some fresh, lower-melting-point
solder... 63/37 comes to mind, or even ChipQuik (which might be
excessively expensive for this). A drop of rosin flux, first, might
be a good idea.

There's a fair chance that the new solder, once liquid, will begin to
dissolve away the high-temperature silver, forming a eutectic whose
melting point will still be within the range of your iron or torch.
Vacuum-bulb away the eutectic, and repeat the operation to dissolve
the next layer of silver.