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Default Gas discharge bulb

On 02/06/2018 10:55 AM, Jon Elson wrote:
philo wrote:

Found a part number , it's this

It seems to be a 5000 watt lamp

5000 W?? YIKES! OK, there should be standard ballasts for this type of
lamp. Possibly bulbworks can point you to a source for the ballast.
Unless you area REAL electronics guru, a failed ballast would be tricky (and
dangerous) to repair.

And, be insanely cautious with this thing, a 5 KW UV light source will take
your skin off with just a few seconds exposure. I got a severe sunburn
trying to set up the optics with a 200 W short arc lamp, and I was barely
exposed for a minute before deciding I needed to pop in a grain of wheat
bulb for initial setup.


At this point it would be impossible for me to put the thing back
together again in it's original configuration.