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Default Can someone explain to me how you lose (and then find) a satellite?

On Fri, 2 Feb 2018 09:30:13 -0800 (PST), Terry Schwartz

That's a great site. Want to have fun? Search for iridium 33. The telecom
bird that crashed in '09. The debris is being tracked, and there
is a *lot* of it in orbit.

Patience. It will be a while before the greens start complaining
about the satellites and space junk blocking the sun, reducing solar
insolation, and eventually causing global cooling.

The web site is a bit tricky to use without first reading the
instructions (which I never do):
Click on "Groups" in upper left.
Select "Iridium 33 Collision Debris" or type "Iridium 33 DEB" into
the search thing.
Scroll down the list to see the huge list of debris from
Iridium 33 and several other satellites.
Click on "Help" to see what color represents debris.

Fractoid: If the 74 Iridium birds that were up in 2000 had fallen to
earth, there would be a 1 in 250 chance that the resultant debris
might have hit someone. You might want to invest in an armor plated
umbrella and hard hat.

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