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Default ESR meter trap

On Thursday, February 1, 2018 at 3:38:52 AM UTC-5, Phil Allison wrote:


Actually the ESR meter was correct.

** The good reading was **misleading** you ****ing moron.

.... Phil

Actually I saw the 100 ohms and assumed that means bad.

I read too fast and thought too slow. You could have worded it differently and I wouldn't have missed part of it.

Anyway, I have also heard of ESR meters being used as a low low ohmmeter to locate a short on a power supply where evereything is just hooked together.. I do have a Fluke DVM capable of that but not everyone does. i wonder if the ESR function is a bit better than that though because it might be able to pick up on some inductance. Maybe, never thought about it much.

I just use a scope for ESR.