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Default Pot tapers

Fox's Mercantile wrote:


My sone has posted the catalog sheet I promised on

Heh, and not a single K or W in the list. ;-)

** Not a single mention of any of the time honoured code letters for tapers either.


This wiring diagram for a late 60s Fender is instructive:

In order from the left, the pots are labelled:

50K RA, 3M RA, 100K L, 250K A, 250K A, 1M A, 250k A, 250K A, 1M A.

where RA = reverse audio, L = linear and A = audio.

The "3M RA " pot adjusts the phase shift oscillator part of the "Vibrato" circuit. Luckily, a 2M linear pot does the job at a pinch.

..... Phil