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Default Nichrome Wire Temperature for Cutting Sofa Cushion Foam?

On 1/26/2018 10:34 AM, wrote:

I recently bought 18 gauge Nichrome wire for the purpose of cutting a
Sofa cushion foam in half (split the cushion foam, in effect make the
cushion half as thick). Length of wire I will heat is 3 feet (cushion is
almost 2 feet wide)

I have what I need to adjust the current from 1 to 12 amps. Also,
I have a chart for amps relating to temperature. Example: Apx. 6.5 amps for
600 degrees F. for 18 gauge Nichrome wire.

The only information I was unable to find was the recommended
temperature for cutting foam with this type of wire.

Thank You in advance, John
That's power control, not temperature control.

You really don't have options other than try it and crank up
the power until it works at the chosen, fixed, constant feed rate.

You're gonna have to juggle a lot of variables to make this work.
Second most important issue will be the jig that keeps the wire
and the cushion from
flopping around while you're trying to cut it.

Most important thing is ventilation. Some of that stuff
is extremely toxic.