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Default Sony STR-AV570 -- Really weird problem

Em sábado, 26 de agosto de 2000 04:00:00 UTC-3, David Faver escreveu:
I have a Sony STR-AV570 that I recently acquired 2nd hand.

I plugged it up, and everything worked great for about 2 weeks.

Then my wife reported late one night that the "stereo was going crazy"!

The stereo was off when we went to bed, but had somehow come to life.
The unit was continually clicking, about once per second, and rather loudly.
The "surround" LED was lighting in sync with the clicking.

When I tried to power the unit on, the "P" (Protection) LED lit up, and
the unit would no longer respond to any button pushing. I unplugged the
receiver, and went back to bed. The next morning, I plugged it back in,
and everything worked great.

Then, about 2 weeks later, the same thing happened. This time, however,
and replugging the AC power did not fix it. I unplugged the speakers, other
and outputs with the idea that I would nose around and see what I could see.
When I got the unit on the kitchen table and replugged the AC, however,
appeared fine. I took the unit back to the entertainment center, and it
worked great.
It was used most every day for an hour or 2 with no problems at all, until a
week later.

Same symptom. Even leaving the AC power unplugged overnight failed to
the problem. Unhooked everything(tape, CD, VCR, speakers, antennas) and
took it to the kitchen table. Again, it now was working well. Returned it
to the
entertainment center, and once again all is well.

Any ideas what is wrong. I am no expert at stereos, but I do design
computers for
a living, so I understand all the fundamentals. This is a really weird one.


I have the same problem, the problem was the speakers that are working under 8 ohms, then change i change'it.