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Default Need help INTERPRETING these test results police cruiser SAE J866a Chase Test

Clare Snyder posted for all of us...

May not be a HUGE difference, but it is possibly a factor. Also heat
CONDUCTANCE - metallic pads conduct more heat to the caliper than
ceramice - making the boiling point of the fluid more critical (if
running metallic or semi-metalic pads you want to be sure to be
running DOT4, not DOT3, and you want it freash and dry) One reason
Chrysler was using composite pistons for several years in the early
no-asbestos days (until they found the pistons swelled and stuck - - -

They used to be a bitch to get out.

To Madman: When I was early in emergency services I used to run my private
vehicle. I had to pay attention to braking because after 3 stops there were
NO brakes. I got the police shoes because I was all into it. What a
difference! When I got a pursuit certified vehicle it was wonderful. They
are designed and built to endure punishment. Try and go to the dealer and
get the model, good luck with that. Watch what happens on one of the police
shows. See which car is destroyed or smoking at the end. The actors can't
make the corner because they got no brakes. Or the engine expires. Something
is to be said when one goes from 0 to 40 then 40 to 0 repeatedly and sit
there idling for the next 1/2 hour then going to the next call. Then there
were the ambulances and fire trucks. *Training*