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Default Computer mouse switch going bad

On Saturday, 13 January 2018 22:53:27 UTC, wrote:

I did just find they make adaptors, to convert a USB mouse to PS/2. I
ordered one on ebay for about $3.

Sometimes those work, sometimes not. It depends on what the mouse & PC are capable of.

I never understood the reasoning for USB mice or keyboards. Many
computers only have 2 USB ports. Why waste them for a mouse or keyboard
when there are PS/2 ports.... One of my computers had both a USB mouse
and keyboard, and only had 2 USB ports. In order to use a flash drive I
had to keep unplugging either the mouse or keyboard.... Apparently these
are more "Designed by idiots" products.

It's a bit cheaper to lose the ps/2 ports, and end users assume USB mice are somehow better, although they're really worse.
And fwiw you can plug the mouse & keyboard into any usb port.