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Default Computer mouse switch going bad

On Sat, 13 Jan 2018 16:53:13 -0500, Tom Biasi

On 1/13/2018 4:29 PM, wrote:
My mouse left button is getting real flakey. I took the whole thing
apart and cleaned everything. It still dont work all the time, so I
guess that switch is going bad. There dont seem to be any place to get
some contact cleaner inside of it.

Have any of you ever found a way to repair these switches?

Yea, I know computer mice are cheap, but I need a PS/2 connector and
want a ball mouse. I dont like the infared mice, and can not use a USB
mouse on my Windows 98 computer.

So, I have to order this on ebay since all the ones in the stores are
USB and infared these days.

So, until I can get one from ebay, is there any temporary fix? (The
other mouse functions work fine).

Walmart has a USB mouse for $4.79 USD

You get a "F" for reading comprehension.

I SAID: I need a PS/2 mouse.
I probably have 4 USB mice, which are not suitable for my needs.

I did just find they make adaptors, to convert a USB mouse to PS/2. I
ordered one on ebay for about $3. But until I get it, I have to keep
fighting with this mouse, which works fine for awhile, then refuses to
do anything till I beat the crap out of that button a dozen times or

Tomorrow I plan to go to Goodwill. They usually have mice....
I'll probably buy several of them, if they have any PS/2 ones. Seems
that are getting hard to find....

I never understood the reasoning for USB mice or keyboards. Many
computers only have 2 USB ports. Why waste them for a mouse or keyboard
when there are PS/2 ports.... One of my computers had both a USB mouse
and keyboard, and only had 2 USB ports. In order to use a flash drive I
had to keep unplugging either the mouse or keyboard.... Apparently these
are more "Designed by idiots" products.