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Default Need help INTERPRETING these test results police cruiser SAEJ866a Chase Test

On Thursday, January 11, 2018 at 3:29:51 PM UTC-5, Mad Roger wrote:
On Thu, 11 Jan 2018 04:05:49 -0800 (PST),

Jimmy Neutron is back!!! As promised under another alias. Do not feed the Troll!

I'm not even going to deny being whomever you say I am as that would ring
hollow were it true or false.

But it is so easy to prove that you are not Mr. Neutron, but, in fact Mr. Rodgers. That you cannot does not prove that you are one-and-the-same, true. But your behavior, general ignorance, and fundamental lack of understanding on how things actually work, together with your presentation of speculations-as-fact make your mutual resemblance too eerie to discount.

I will say that I will strive to provide value in each post, so here is the
latest 3-year document that Clare kindly unearthed that lists all passenger
brake pads and shoes made for vehicles in the US from December 2014 to
December 2017.

With this document, we can decipher the cryptic codes such as these:

a) Why would one want to interpret these codes in the first place? The entire idea of purchasing brake parts is to find those that are most appropriate for your vehicle and your use. There are mechanics who make a living at this, do it every day, and for the most part are glad to share their experience with you on the advantages and disadvantages of the various options available. But, a competent mechanic (and clearly, you are not such) will not let a dangerous vehicle out on the road. And, believe it or not, most of them want their customers to come back - and will do their level best to enhance that outcome.
b) This is a life-safety thing. Something you clearly do not GET, given your other rants, raves and wild goose chases. You are dangerous. Any vehicle under your care will also be dangerous. Were it only to yourself, most of us here would politely ignore you and watch you chase your tail and bang your head with detached amusement. But, in fact, it is likely that you take your pathology out on the road, where you endanger others. THAT is simply not acceptable.

I used to do 90% of my own basic maintenance. Until I had children to worry about. Then grandchildren. And then, systems started getting very complex and integrated with other systems. Cars became cleaner, safer, more efficient, last longer, burn less oil - all good. These days, I will change my oil and other fluids - I will rotate tires (with a torque-wrench) and do other things. But touch life-safety parts? When the cost differential is, perhaps $100 or so (including a warranty) for those things I am tooled to do? Not on a bet! Even your life is worth too much for me to take that chance. Given your demonstrated competence, that you are absolutely and happily willing to risk the lives of others makes you quite disgusting. And fair game for any sort of criticism at any level.

How is the BMW coming? I hope it is still up on blocks, or has thrown a rod, or has spun a bearing by now! Anywhere but on the road!

Peter Wieck
Melrose Park, PA