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On 01/10/2018 07:49 AM, wrote:
On Tuesday, January 9, 2018 at 5:46:08 PM UTC-5, The Real Bev wrote:

And they should have been designed a lot better. Do dogs have as
wide a variety of distortions as humans do? Maybe the ones that
did just died before they reproduced...

Dogs, yes they most certainly do have the same issues with their eyes
as humans. That it does not commonly manifest is because most dogs
are either reasonably close to their ancestral DNA (wolves) and/or do
not live long enough.

But two of our Golden Retrieves who passed age 13 had cataracts, and
our present Golden is somewhat near-sighted. Frisbees 'go away' after
about 30' or so. As we breed our dogs away from their ancestry, we
will be seeing more and more of this.

Near us there is a small vet complex including a doggie ophthalmologist.
I wonder how many dogs will tolerate having contacts inserted/removed,
or if they have to be sedated each time, as well as during the diagnosis.

One more interesting thought: Corrective lenses were once quite
uncommon. After several wars (and better diagnoses available), they
are now necessary for 71% of the population, with leaps after each
significant war.

I wonder if people are just increasingly less tolerant of imperfection
as technology improves. I'm still bitter about having too much
astigmatism to benefit from the really nice multi-focal IOLs available
now for cataract surgery, and 30 years ago I would have just been happy
to see SOMETHING clearly again :-(

Cheers, Bev
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