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Default Birdbrain Macaw (now "James Wilkinson" LOL), the Sociopathic Attention Whore

On Tue, 07 Nov 2017 22:30:04 -0000, Birdbrain Macaw (now "James Wilkinson"),
the pathological attention whore of all the uk ngs, blathered again:

Yes, it would be helpful if he'd give us a clue what he's ranting about.

It's in the text above: "driving forwards or backwards, turning the wheel left"

I'm surprised that there are still people around who give a **** about your
silly trolls, ******!

More from Birdbrain Macaw's (now "James Wilkinson" LOL) strange world:
"Someone (a Scotsman) once told me he doesn't bother wiping his arse if he's
about to have a shower anyway."