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Default Parkside multitool sanding pads

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dennis@home wrote:
On 11/09/2017 23:36, Dave Plowman (News) wrote:
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Dot m wrote:
Can anyone tell me where to get more sanding pads for this tool as Lidl
only sell the pack with extra blades as well. Daughter bought a
similar pack from Aldi but the discs keep sliding off the tool while
sanding so, obviously, I have to be careful about which ones I buy.

Toolstation sell suitable sized ones. Snag being the velcro seems rubbish.

I bought a new universal pad in Wicks - thinking it might be that - but
they don't stick well to that either.

The main thing is don't run them fast as the velcro heats up and softens.
A good air flow from the vac helps keep them cool too.

Running at slow speed heats the motor more IME, so less time between
cool downs.

I also have a Fein, and that doesn't seem to suffer the same problem.

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