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Default Hozelock reel

Andy Burns wrote:

It looks like four alignment "prongs" and four plastic hooks hold the
handle in place and other than being awkward to get at, should come
apart with suitable persuasion

My dad, who started his career as an aircraft mechanic called that "Brute
force and foul language." I've seen similar fastenings, and they generally
were not meant to be taken apart. If you can get at the ends of the
prongs and lift one at a time with something like a flat-blade screwdriver,
you might get them to release*, but I'll bed they'll break easily, leaving
you to, perhaps pin the works together with a drilled hole and screw.

My experience with those hose reels is that they're more bother than
they're worth, but I'm in the country where it's perfectly OK to just coil
the hose in a figure-eight near the sillcock if it's in the way for the
occasional mowing.

You suburbanites with critical neighbors, well...

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