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Wild Bill
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Default Sony Trinitron brightness problems or old age?

I think the only kludge/last ditch effort I've heard of for getting a little
more life from a dim display was to look for a series resistor in the
filament/heater circuit (and lowering it's value slightly).
This might not be a viable fix on these newer models.


"Wayne Peacock" wrote in message
Hi all,

I have a sun GDM-5010PT 21' monitor that I have just fixed the power
supply for. Now the brightness is very dim and I need to up the screen
or sub-brightness. And yes the power supply rails all test OK.

I am aware there are no trimpots and most settings are controlled by
software (DAS from what has been listed in this group). How can I
increase the brightness without the software or would someone have the
protocol for the serial connection?

I am very capable of writing a program and wiring a cable for this if I
know what to write to the monitor. Can a resistor be changed etc?

What is the normal life of a trinitron tube? This monitor was made in
march 1998 and has likely been on for it's life. Could it be on it's
last legs

Wayne Peacock