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Default Electrical Outlets Upside Down? Code?

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On Thu, 29 Sep 2016 15:07:13 -0400, "TomR" wrote:

And, I sometimes thought it would be interesting if all outlets were
designed so that there would be not "up" or "down" position. For
example, if all duplex outlets had the ground pin of each outlet on
each end and the other two prongs in the center, then there would be
no "up" or "down" orientation -- the outlet would look the same
regardless of which way it was installed. But, there would be
problems with that idea because that would result it the hot side
screw of one outlet being on the same side as the neutral side screw
of the other outlet in the duplex.

Like this

Wow, interesting! Yes, like that! -- except maybe a duplex receptacle
instead of a "quad".

I found this info on the one you posted: