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Tim Lamb wrote:
I'm a clever rabbit!

Me too, but I wouldn't have done so well at school age. I read The
Aeneid in my early twenties, but would have shuddered at the
at age 16 :-) I guessed the one about the village.

Managed 7/7 which is err, rather surprising;!...

-- Tony Sayer

So did I, but I chose Dido for The Aeneid as the only one I'd heard
and guessed "Commuter village" as being some current fad description
that should never have been required to be learnt and regurgitated.

Yes, I've never heard the expression either.

perhaps you have to live in one (or near one) to know the expression

I've heard the term "dormitory village" for years: I'm sure I learned in
in O Level Geography in the late 70s. And although I'd not heard of
"commuter village" before, its meaning is very obviously a synonym for
dormitory village. That was one of the easier questions and came into
the category of "you can work it out from common sense and prior
knowledge", as you can with most of them except the Dido one which is
"you either know this fact or you don't, but you can't work it out".

Which its hard not to have heard of at least once in your life.

you are right

I have heard of it now because of that question

but until then I have never

and why should I?