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On 29/08/16 13:29, NY wrote:
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So did I, but I chose Dido for The Aeneid as the only one I'd heard

Which its hard not to have heard of at least once in your life.

I've evidently managed to get to age 53 without ever having heard of it.

I think the enzyme one was 'you either know it or you don't'

Agreed - that's another 'you either know it or you don't'. I'd
encountered the term in O level (and A level) Chemistry. If I'd done
Biology I've have been even more likely to encounter it. I also knew
because my dad worked as a research pharmacist so I heard quite a lot of
medical terminology even before I started Chemistry at secondary school;
not everyone would have that extra advantage!

The binary one was an interesting example of my not spotting the easy
short-cut - that only one of the answers was even and the other two were
odd (or was it the other way round?). Instead I did it the long way
round: write down the headings 128, 64, ..., 2, 1 and add up all the
headings where there was a 1. Sometimes in multiple choice they make it
too easy by having only one plausible answer instead of at least two to
make it less trivial and require you to work out the distinction.

The French one was cunning in that one of the answers was almost
word-for-word translation of the French (so making it look plausible)
except that the sense was diametrically opposite. Nice one!

that was crappy.

Because the 'correct' answer was nothing like the French original.

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