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Default Macrovision hack?

On Sat, 6 Mar 2004 02:17:44 -0200, Chaos Master

Neil posted in , in article
, at Fri, 5 Mar 2004 23:06:36 -
When will people learn that requests for illegal info will be ignored?. How
many times will we have to put up with requests for cell phone jammers,
cable tv descramblers, radar jammers etc?.
And by the way, why the hell would you make a VHS BACK UP of a DVD???!!!!.
What a good idea!...just in case your super high resolution, multiple track,
fully digital, noise and dropout free DVD suddenly fails, you'll have a
crappy, noisy, dropout ridden VHS copy to enjoy.
That's gotta be one of the stupidest ideas that have been posted here in a
long time, and there have been quite a few!.

Someone scratches your DVD disks. You're f*cked.

For now, the OP should search for 'Macrovision decoding' on Internet. There was
a circuit using a PIC microcontroller (IIRC) and a few other IC's but I can't
find it right now.

Not really a stupid request. And there should be a way to remove it
with a software solution.
It's only illegal if you suck up to the notion that anyone has the
right to sell you inferior quality video.(macrovision degrades the
signal to the point where the tracking and burst signals are marginal
resulting in a poorer image.)
LAST time I checked it wasn't against the law to strip the macrovison
encoding to restore image quality to the video signal if you're doing
it for personal use. Only illegal for commercial purposes.
also have you forgotten about s-vhs? while it's not as good as the
original dvd it would still be perfectly fine for viewing on standard
tv sets.
And like the man said if you scratch it you're fcked.