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Default Can I make a built-under oven into a built-in oven?

On 02/07/2016 09:18, yoyo42 wrote:
We had a new kitchen fitted a year or so ago. I wanted to DIY it but
SWMBO didn't want to wait that long ;-)

We have a double oven fitted under the hob, but now we've been on
holiday to a cottage that had a waist high built-in oven she wants it
like that instead.

What's the difference between a built-under and built-in oven? If I swap
an exsiting 600mm wide drawer unit in place of the oven then I could
then use that space for a full height unit and mount the oven in that.
However that brings up two more questions:

I would suggest look at oven housings. I'm a bit out of touch, but some
can cope with different height ovens. They typically have a drawer under.

- that would mean there was a vertical wall of vinyl-wrapped MDF right
next to the hob. Would that need a splashback or something similar to
protect it from the heat?

As Andy has said, there are horizontal clearances. There are also
vertical ones. Best to look at the hob installation manual.