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Default SG3525 over warming

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On Thursday, June 9, 2016 at 5:42:12 AM UTC-5, wrote:
Hi there
I'm repairing a variable smps based on SG3525 IC. the IC gets too hot and
finally it burns away. what's the problem?

That is like way too much not enough information.

Is it used to drive a transformer directly or transistors ? If directly,
what about the load on the transformer, have you checked the rectifiers on
the secondary ?

You have to give some ****ing information to get help on **** like this.
Does the thing, whatever it is, work but then it pops ? Or just fry out and
not work ?

Get more info out here, and actually the duty cycle of the waveform it is
putting out. Get a Dropbox account and use the \public directory for pics
like this. When you try to use their picture thing it gets all ****ed up.

And what is the make and model of this thing ? Unless it is some homebrew
custom thing...

If you are unable to supply this information you have no business trying to
fix the thing. If you have changed that IC fifty times you have no business
trying to fix that thing.

When I ask for help here I got voltage readings, waveforms and all kinds of
tricks I did to find out this and that. Sometimes it works ad sometimes
nobody knows. You come in here with a post like that most people think you
are a total noob and don't know ****.

Now it is up to you to prove otherwise. We can't read your mind or your
scope, and you better have one. Of each.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++=

Your best post ever. Right on the mark.