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Default Cheesecake, Not Don Y's 5 hour

My wife regularly eats the leftovers of meals I have cooked

We often have leftovers for dinner the following day. Two days is my
personal limit though. My wife can't stand to throw anything out, so if
we've already eaten a meal for two days, she usually takes the remainder
for her lunches.

I also rarely eat breakfast

I eat a big bowl of cold cereal and a banana every morning.

My wife likes to eat the moment she gets out of bed, but I usually need to
be up for a couple hours before I feel like eating. Since I eat breakfast
later, I usually have less of an appetite at lunch.

but a breakfast style meal at dinner time has been known to happen.

Yep, it's fun to have waffles or pancakes for dinner every now and then. It
has been a while come to think of it.

Anthony Watson