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Default What is the best way to cut floor exactly along wall?

On Wed, 18 May 2016 16:44:01 +0000, Rory D. Dimov

replying to dadiOH, Rory D. Dimov wrote:
His issue is not the cut 4" from the wall it is how to cut the subflooring
right next to the wall so that 4" strip can be removed. Because this is in a
trailer, when it was initially built the floor is laid down first and then all
walls are built on the floor. In order to remove a 4" strip of the floor
right next to the wall you have to make two cuts, one 4" away from the wall
parallel to the wall and the other right at the base of the wall, flush with
the wall. No circular saw that I have ever seen can cut flush with a wall. I
was using a multi-tool to do the flush cut but your right, it is a chore and I
seemed to have worn mine out (replacing a lot of damaged flooring in a
trailer).I used a circular saw and a jig saw where ever possible then the
multi tool for the rest.


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