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Default Cheesecake, Not Don Y's 5 hour

On 5/18/2016 10:26 AM, FrozenNorth wrote:
My wife regularly eats the leftovers of meals I have cooked, for breakfast the
next day. I just take it as a compliment and move on. I also rarely eat
breakfast, but a breakfast style meal at dinner time has been known to happen.

I have no problems making a bunch of eggs for a meal (but, a BUNCH, not just
*one*/two). And, bacon is good at any time! : I can eat a bowl of
"cereal" any time -- though, again, my idea of a "bowl" is more like a

Not fond of left-overs (though I will get two meals out of tonight's
beef w/broccoli). I cringe when I see folks eat cold pizza (having
ANY pizza left-over is anathema to me!)

When I was a kid, I used to enjoy Gerber's High Protein Cereal
("baby food") prepared with applesauce and hot milk. But, would
never be sufficiently motivated to *prepare* something like that
first thing in the morning! (it's no longer sold in stores so
I don't have to face that issue)

Now, I'm happy just drinking tea for the first few hours out of bed...