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Default Cheesecake, Not Don Y's 5 hour

A typical Friday movie night almost always includes a glass of red wine,
cheese, and crackers.

Add some bread and you have dinner.

I typically need more substance than that. I'm definitely NOT a vegetarian,
every meal needs at least a little bit of meat.

When we go to Italy

Must be nice... I love the way you say it so routinely, like "when we go to

we usually eat our big meal of the day at lunch while out, then go
back to the villa and have the cheese/bread/meat/wine.

I thought I had heard lunch was the bigger meal in most European countries.
That always seems harder for me to do unless we go out to eat. I don't want
to get up and start cooking a big meal in the morning.

I usually eat a decent breakfast, a smallish lunch, a reasonable dinner,
and a snack or two in the evening.

If we go out for breakfast, I usually overeat and can easily skip lunch and
sometimes even dinner.

Anthony Watson