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Default Best Buy sucks

On 05/17/2016 06:31 PM, Ralph Mowery wrote:


Most of the local appliance places around here have gone out of
business. Up to about 1965 my parents worked for a furnature and
appliance store. Mother was a book keeper and dad did the deliveries
and repairs. They left for companies that paid lots more. They had been
there over 10 years. That store went out of business about 5 years ago
and another place like it went out over 10 years ago. Guess they could
not compete with the larger stores like Lowes and such.

Just before Christmas I looked for a stove and could not find any local
owned stores, they were all big chains.

Most of the local stores are gone here (many soon after Lowe's opened).
There's still the Western Auto, that has appliances. The Sears dealer is

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