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Default Best Buy sucks

On Wednesday, May 18, 2016 at 8:03:02 AM UTC-4, Art Todesco wrote:
On 5/17/2016 11:52 AM, wrote:
I bought an oven on Best Buy (online) on 4/4. Originally the delivery
was 2 weeks, then that became a month and a week, then a month and ~2
weeks, then they just canceled the order, item not available without
informing me in any way (4/22). I did not find out until I enquired
about when they were coming today.

Companies do things like this to make their metrics look good, i.e.
shipped within x number of weeks or fixed within y number of hours. I've
had the local power company change the expected time of repair (turn on
power) so they can say that they beat their expected time. Yes there
are unforeseen problems, etc. but this was especially fishy. The
expected time way originally set at 12 noon. Long around 11AM they
changed the estimate to 1PM and the power was restored at 12:15. See
they beat the estimated time, right.

When we call our IT department for *anything* the call gets assigned a
ticket. Even if the IT department does nothing more than pass the call
off to another department, a ticket gets opened and then "resolved".

"Hi...I received an email that my SecureID is going to expire. Can you
help me get a new one?"

"Thank you for calling. I need to transfer you to Remote Computing, they
should be able to help."

A minute later I will get 2 emails, one showing the ticket being opened
"User's SecureID expiring" and one showing the ticket as "Closed, user
transferred to Remote Computing". Sometimes the time stamp for the 2 emails
is within the same minute.

Volume of tickets goes up, problem resolution time goes down, department
metrics improve, jobs are justified.