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Default mail order, packages and delivery


I find it very easy to shop on line for what I want and compair
prices. Then look to see if it is stocked by the local store.
Much of the time it is less expensive on line, or the local store does
not stock what I want.

I can usually guess fairly accurately whether a local store is going to
carry what I'm after. In most cases I don't even bother checking local
stores, it just adds extra time and I end up buying online anyway.

However, many local stores now have their inventories listed online. So I
can check whether they carry an item, and more importantly which stores
have them in stock.

For example, I recently bought some storage boxes from Office Depot. They
were cheaper in the store than I could buy them online (even before
shipping costs). They only had a few in stock, but I could keep an eye on
their inventory online and know when I could go back for more, or find
other locations that had them in stock.

Anthony Watson