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Default Poly carbonate handle on attachable toilet bidet...

On Mon, 16 May 2016 15:44:19 -0700, Eagle wrote:

Oren pretended :
I'm poor at chemistry

The bride wants a bidet added to the toilet. Since about to have a new
toilet (sitting in the garage) installed I figured add one to the
second toilet.

She seems concerned with the "plastic" and mentioned the metal one.

It's a $30 difference in each unit. A little bit of reading, the
polycarconate one would be fine. No children at home. Seems difficult
to break under normal use.

Pics: ("plastic")


The units are made ~20 miles from my house so parts would be easy to
get if necessary.


Yeah do you use a bidet? Spray water on your who who and
scrub using your fingers, or just dab that flower with a bit if toi

A retired Air Force Lt. Col. says it "goosed" her in the her coochie
regions. At first.