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Default Cheesecake, Not Don Y's 5 hour

On 5/17/2016 8:03 AM, HerHusband wrote:
Don mentioned that his cheesecake is 5 hours on his feet. While it
may be a spectacular cake the way he makes it, neither of us can spend
5 hours on our feet in a day. This is easer and still better than 95%
of the commercial cheesecakes you'd find in a store or bakery.

I prefer a plain New York style cheesecake (no fruit), but usually end up
topping it with cherry pie filling to satisfy my wife. Blueberry and
apple pie fillings work well too.

That's essentially just a block of cream cheese :

I "thin" the cream cheese with heavy cream, sour cream or milk
(depending on the Rx i am targeting). This makes for a "lighter"
product -- one that folks seem eager to go for seconds or thirds
(a NY-style cake seems to be a "self-limiting" proposition -- one
slice is usually enough).

[I made a cheesecake as a ThankYou for a neighbor one Saturday.
She got home (at noon) to find one small piece left for her.
And, in her NYC manner, griped to me about it! "Hey, it's
YOUR FAMILY that are the oinkers!!"]

I've made a variety of chocolate, pumpkin, and other flavored cheesecakes
but still prefer a simple basic cheesecake.

I'm not fond of cheese (unless melted on a pizza or grated over "red sauce".
Cream cheese is perhaps the most disgusting -- it just looks like a giant
block of slimey FAT! (I buy the 3 pound blocks from Costco)

Some of my family members make this stuff with whip cream and call it
cheesecake. PLEASE... That's just cool whip pudding.

I made some brownies for a neighbor. Daughter came walking out of the house
eating one: "Did you make these from scratch?" (is there any other way??)
"Wow! My mom has NEVER made them from scratch!" Her Mom didn't look too
pleased at that!